The Order of Obsidian Inc.
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The Order of Obsidian Inc.

Based in Pingelly with a working group in Perth.

The group is dedicated to working in the spirit of our Celtic ancestors, whilst recognising the need to work within the present. Our intention is to bring the wisdom of the ancients into the modern world through working with the beings of the Otherworld through ritual and meditation. We revere the Earth as our sacred mother, working towards Her healing, through ritual and earth magic which we practice at the traditional sabbats and esbats.

Unlike some Celtic/Druidic groups, we do not recognize the necessity to speak a Celtic language in order to follow a Celtic path. The gods speak the language of the One and the One understands all. To speak Welsh or Gaelic is certainly a valuable tool, but is most certainly not a prerequisite for sacred journeys or for working with the gods and the elemental spirits. However, we do acknowledge and value the recognition of the Celtic languages and applaud the revival and push to learn them. We also recognize the history of the persecution of our ancestors.

In the lands of our blessed ancestors, the Celts in France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and the islands we now know as Britain to name only a few, the weather was temperate or Mediterranean, the seasons were well understood. The rituals, sabbats and festivals, were geared to the predictability of the seasons. The people, gods and goddesses were tied to those seasons. The Celts have always been nomadic, whether through curiosity, the spirit of adventure or through the need to escape famine or enemies. Like many of Celtic origin we are fortunate now to live within the sacred land of Australia. We acknowledge the sacred Dreamtime and the blessed gods of the first people to settle upon these shores, our brothers and sisters, in humanity, the Aboriginal peoples. We see our gods and their gods as One. We acknowledge the similarities between our peoples in knowing the land to be our Mother and in seeing the Universe as holistic.

Yet running through our very blood runs the genetic legacy of those gone before us, the Gaels, the Gauls, the Cymru, the Brigantes and the Iceni to name just a few. Strong within our souls are the sacred memories of our blessed kin and of our own past lives. We must honour those memories for they are a part of our very being and the blessed gods of our people have never left us.

In this sacred home we call Australia, we witness the Earth teaching us many lessons.There is so much diversity; so many different seasons, for Australia is almost like a pattern for the Earth Herself in that we have tropical, subtropical, Mediterranean and temperate climates. Australia is a very different land to the lands of our ancestors.

Within the concept of the Otherworld there are many other worlds. In the Irish tradition we have: The Isle of Joy, The Isle of Grief, Budi's Land and The Paradise of Birds (to name a handful- there are literally hundreds of names) yet all are One. Within this sacred Earth there are many lands, yet all are One with the Earth Mother.So it is that we work with the spirit of this blessed land which is a part of the whole, our Sacred Mother Earth. We draw upon the spirit of our ancestors in a land that was not home for them, yet is a much loved home of ours.

We wonder what they would have done? and we pray for guidance.



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